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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A walk in the frou frou

Jules ran away to the South Island today for job interviews. Jules has only been at home from work for a week and a bit but he has a very large (by this I mean loud and messy) presence in the house so once he jumped in the taxi the place seemed horribly quiet and boringly tidy. Remy and I took ourselves off to the park at the end of the street to escape the peace and quiet.

The park is actually a pretty desperate place - the Wellington City Council has a sign up proudly stating that they maintain it... I'm not sure what they mean by maintain, but cutting the grass infrequently does not constitute maintenance in my book...

Remy enjoyed his time there, reading books, playing with toys and watching me blow bubbles across the grass. He loved lying on his back and watching the trees blowing in the breeze. He was completely tuckered out after an hour and had a great sleep when we got home. And we need more of those in this house.

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