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Monday, January 28, 2008

Meeting deadlines is definately a frou frou act

Oooo, two more jackets finished!

I finally figured out how to deal with the armyces of the heart jacket, thank goodness:

And this one hasn't come up well in the photos, so please imagine a very bright, Kermit the Frog green on the inside:

All of my jackets are one-offs - I never use the same combination of fabrics twice, and I always use different buttons, some of the shapes are the same but I try and change them to suit the material - so it's not often I use the same fabric twice. I fell absolutely in love with this black and white material so I just had to make two jackets.

I'm on track with my aim to get the jackets into shops before mid-March. Wohoo!

The next two jackets are both made of vintage fabric - one with fabric from the 50s and the other with fabric from the 80s. Might even get them cut out tonight, all going well... It's just that the syrah is calling me and we all know better than to drink and sew.