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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holloway Road is city-romantic, not frou frou

Jules and I have been living in Holloway Road (in the Aro Valley in Wellington; an artsy, bohemian, inner-city suburb) for just under a year. I've got mixed feelings about this part of town. I spent time here when I was a student - who hasn't? - and have visited on and off after university, mostly to eat at Aro Cafe, a completely divine place to have brunch and chatter.

As a mum though, this place has me on edge most of the time. As a baby-free person, my attitude to some of the rougher diamonds around here was very 'live and let live'. Now, I feel myself tense up anytime anyone gets too close or there is any chance of something untoward happening. None of this was helped by the drunk man who spat at Jules and Remy, or the time Jules and Remy were in the local park and found used needles scattered about.

I grew up in a very isolated part of New Zealand and, while I couldn't wait to get to the city once I'd finished high school, I think that I want Remy to grow up in a less populated place than Wellington.

Now that there is a great possibility that we'll be moving soon, I've become quite nostalgic about Wellington and have started making a few photos essays of places that have meaning for me.

The following are Holloway Road shots that I took the other day while having some time away from my boys.

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