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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hullo? Is anybody out there?

If Megan sews and she has no internet connection with which to blog about her sewing, does her sewing exist?

Will a baby who lives in the country always smell like farm dog?

Is driving 6 kilometres for chocolate an unacceptable use of valuable finite resources?

What new hell is New Zealand's version of Stars in their Eyes?

When will this blog see some action from its writer?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Offer of a lifetime!

Well, it kinda is, if the offer of a lifetime for you involves a medium-sized box of fabric that I don't need/want anymore and a few balls of wool...

Any takers?

The only condition is that you come and pick it up from me before we leave on Monday. Oh, yeah, and that you don't look completely horrified at some of a truly ugly material I've been given over the years*. Yes, that's right, given. You won't find me owning up to buying some of this stuff...

Damn. I was supposed to be doing a hard sell and then I practically talked you out of it. Oh well. Fingers crossed.

*But don't worry Aunty Karen - none of the material you gave me is in this pile!