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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fabric frou frouliciousness

The fabric Gods are smiling on me this week*. I'm the luckiest crafter alive.

The wonderful Karen** and her very funny husband Dave came to visit us today. It's always great when they pop by but today was even more so because Karen brought me a bag full of treasures of the fabric kind.

Look at the stripes! The spots! The number of blues! In these photos it kind of looks like they're all fat quarters but they're not - there are some pieces that are a few metres long.

This I love because it's red and spotty and fresh:

This is divinely Japanese-ish:

I'm thinking of little girls' dresses with a yukata feel about them.

I love this! It reminds me of the material used in BAPE clothes.

Oh what a day.

I also made my lovely guests afternoon tea; banana cake with cream cheese icing and madeleines. Yum!

*If the Fabric Gods are listening, no more knits please. I've got plenty now and in a wide range of colours. But keep the rest coming. Thanks.
**Karen is actually my aunty but I'm not allowed to call her Aunty Karen anymore. She says that a (practically) 30 year old calling her aunty makes her feel ancient.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Extremely jealous.

A) of fabric

B) of food

Yum on both counts.

Megan Rose said...

If I wasn't me, I'd be jealous too. I do feel like the luckiest girl in the world sometimes.

Thank goodness the fabric lasts; the food was gone in 5 minutes flat.