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Friday, November 23, 2007

Wedding frou frou

I have a very exciting commission on the go at the moment - a dress for a three year old girl and a suit for a six year old boy. The special occasion is their parents' wedding.

The suit has been great fun from the very start. Lovely little F has an enviable sense of style and an obsession with cheetahs. This was a good opportunity to combine the two things, and, ta da! A safari suit with appliqued cheetahs was born. Well, conceived.

I've used raw (or natural) silk for the suit. It's lovely and light to wear (the wedding is in January and it'll probably be very, very hot), and even if it does crinkle a little with all the sitting down, a slightly dishevelled safari suit will still be classy. The material is ok to sew with but some of the detail, like the top stitching, is lost because of its texture.

The family is down south at the moment, so I've got the pants of the suit as finished as possible without a fitting. Once the fitting is done, there is just the waistband, zip and hem to do. As you can see, I've made them extra long because I'm pretty sure that F is taller than the average six year old.

I cut out the jacket out this morning. I'm a little nervous about it actually. I want the jacket to have a safari feel but I don't want it to be too...um...I guess too much like a costume, though I have every confidence that F would be able to carry it anyway. I've also not been able to find cheetah print material for the appliqued cheetahs so I am experimenting with painting my own. Hrm, quite a considerable task but rather good fun at the same time.

I found these fabulous buttons yesterday. Rather cheetah-esque don't you think?

V is a gorgeous girl bursting with life and isn't frou frou by nature, but this is a wedding, and so a party frock is called for.

I've put together three materials for the dress and have a vaguely 50s idea for the dress.

The main material is the pink, green, and silver/blue stripe; with the pink silk I plan on making a wide sash, gathering it at the sides and having a long bow at the back; and the silver/blue silk dupion is for an underskirt (it's nice and firm so it will add volume and shape to the skirt which may have been a little floppy looking if I'd just used the cotton). I plan on a very full skirt because this is a party frock gosh darn it; plus I want V to be comfortable and still able to run around, and I also want the skirt to withstand all the sitting down, so having a full skirt, and the underskirt in dupion silk, will help avoid crinkles.

I need to hunt down some buttons for the frock too. Not even sure where to start at this stage (possibly pearls??) but I'm sure it will come to me.

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