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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A frou frou day ends with tea and bickies.

Wellington put on another stunning early summer day today so Remy and I got out and about to make the most of it.

On the way into town, I found my first ever book crossing books. I've been desperate to find some of these - I love the idea of releasing books from bookshelves into the open where a new family can enjoy them. And both books look crime related and I can't pass up the odd good and satisfying murder or two. But only in books. Otherwise I firmly believe that murder is very naughty.

I had a splurge in my least favourite fabric shop today. Yeah, I know, why spend money there if I hate them but they do have one thing in their favour - fabric I can't get anywhere else. The easiest way to describe why they annoy me is to list why my favourite ever fabric shop, Global Fabric on Garrett Street, totally ROCKS:
- they always generously measure the fabric;
- they warn me how much the fabric will shrink by when I wash it (especially helpful when I'm buying little bits which I often do because kids are also little bits);
- they have 10 trip cards;
- they give me decent sized samples when I need them;
- they price the fabrics well - no greedy mark-up in this shop;
- their remnants are very well priced and usually a decent size.

So there, least favourite fabric shop - start doing some of these things and I might change my mind about you. But thanks for the fabric today anyway.

Darling Remy is now fast asleep in bed. He got a new toy today and was enthralled with it. I had a hard time convincing him that it was ok to leave it in the lounge so he can get up and play with it tomorrow. I guess we've still got to tackle object constancy.

Remy went to sleep at about 7, so I finally made the chocolate chip biscuits I'd been planning to make forever. Tonight, in a rare and brave show of restraint, I made the biscuits about half the size I usually would to (hopefully) encourage me to eat fewer of them, and therefore make them last longer. So far, it just means that I have a Texan-sized serving of biscuits begging me to eat them.

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