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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pretty things

The house is in a remarkable mess today and, after a night where I was woken every hour or so by a hungry baby, I don't have the energy to face cleaning it.

Instead, I'm going to amaze you all with my 1950s housewifery skills from Monday when the world seemed a much tidier and saner place. Dah Daaaaaaa!

It's a genoese sponge with lemon curd and sweetened whipped cream. Yum! I'm glad I took a photo - filled sponges don't keep very well so it was more or less gone by Monday night. Of course, that's the real reason it was gone in a few hours. Nothing whatsoever to do with greedy little piggies.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What a beautiful looking blog and really look forward to reading more about your lovely creations and your gorgeous baby.

I'm in Wellington too - with two little preschoolers, but am yearning for a simpler life in the country - considering Nelson at the moment (but changing my mind like the wind! - I'll know the perfect place when I see it).

Best wishes,