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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ooo, buttons you say?

As mentioned yesterday, I had a clean up in my sewing room. I must have spent about 20 minutes playing around with the two tins of buttons I have because I just love buttons.

Now I sound slightly deranged and I was rather hoping to avoid that for a while yet.

In my defence, my mother drove me to it. You see, there were four kids in my family and we lived in a very isolated spot where it used to rain All The Time (I remember one 'summer' where there wasn't a single day without rain), so she had to find easy and cheap ways for us to keep ourselves entertained. One activity* involved seeing what we could make from the enormous jar of buttons she had picked up in a garage sale one time. I totally loved doing this and would make and re-make stuff over months.

So, I'm sure that's why I have a thing for buttons now.

*other activities included playing tennis down the hallway with my sister acting as a net, and drawing hopscotch grids on the hall carpet. Yes, it was a rather large house now I come to think about it.

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