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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Frou frou finds a home

Now that my beloved sewing machine is home safe, I've started on the pile of hoodies I plan to sell at Craft2.0 but, instead of showing unfinished work this time, I thought I'd dig out photos of some of my hoodies that have new homes.

Lovely little James is modeling one of the jackets I made over winter. The outer is a wool mix and the inner is a lovely soft stretch cotton. The buttons are the most extraordinary things - they're bakelite and have cute little dogs on them chasing a ball.

The next jacket has an outer of a medium weight cotton in fine red and white stripe from the secret Super Second-hand Store, an inner of quilting cotton that was orginally used in a skirt for me (this is made from the remains of that material), and the buttons are handmade (I think lazor cut and handpainted) from Nancy's in Thorndon.

My first ever hoodie! This went to the nicest home and has loads of good karma because selling this hoodie gave me the confidence to start making more stuff to sell.

One day, I'll take some photos of the clothes I've made that aren't hoodies. Won't that be refreshing?!

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