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Friday, November 23, 2007

Frou frou gets busy

I've had a super day. The sun is streaming into the house and I've got so much done. I'm feeling much, much calmer about meeting all my deadlines. Sweet Jesus, I've just realised that this business is starting to become work. Eh, who cares on a day like today and I know I'll be grateful in winter when I can stay in my jim-jams all day and laugh at people going into the office.

I've cut out a dress this morning that I just can't wait to get started on but this frock (and a suit) have their very own story so they will have their own post soon.

As well as the hoodies I'm making for Craft2.0, I have a number of commissions on the go. I luuuuuurve the commissions. I think the two parts I like best are, first, sitting down and chatting about what the customer is looking for, and then delivering the item and seeing the amazed look on their face. So far, touch wood, those amazed faces have been happy faces and not shocked, oh-dear-lord-what-a-monstrosity faces.

I'm making a hoodie for a lovely little girl we'll call M. The base material is a quilting cotton. I love the quality of quilting materials and they're often heavily patterned (totally my thing), so I'm always on the look out for them. I'm completely in love with this particular material so it was hard to make the first cut...but I got over it!

I've been asked by two other friends for hoodies for boys. Even though I have a little boy myself, I still find it hard to choose materials for boys. I think it's because I'm accustomed to shopping for material for myself so I gravitate towards the girlie fabrics. Having said that, I enjoy making clothes for boys because I know how hard it is to find great clothes for boys.

Actually, that's how this all started. I searched for edgey boys clothes for Remy and kept ending up with blue clothes with tractors, cars, and other assorted machinery on them. Bits and pieces like that are ok (for pajamas that is) but not for an entire wardrobe. I started making clothes for him and now here I am, making clothes for other babies and not him!

Speaking of Remy, I'm going to indulge myself and post a photo of him here.

Oh, I just love that little face!

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