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Friday, November 30, 2007

Frou frou takes it easy

Remy has had contrary day. I think the poor guy might be teething. So we just hung out together on the couch, watching Deadwood. But, wait! Don't call Child, Youth and Family on me! He hears far worse language at home... No! What I mean is that he was asleep during it. Yes, asleep.

So, it was a slow sewing day today. But it was a day with many, many cuddles, frequent cups of tea and even a little nana nap. Very soothing to the soul.

Anyway, I've cut out the next five hoodies for Craft2.0. Now they are sitting in my sewing room, daring me to sew them... I'll get onto it tomorrow. I also have about five half-finished hoodies that all have one of two things that need to be done but I just haven't been able to muster the enthusiasm. True to form I'll probably wait until the very last minute to finish them.

I guess I'm on track for Craft2.0. I still haven't got my labels sorted and I have to figure out what prices to charge. I hate this part of the business - I don't have the confidence yet to boldly charge what the item actual cost me to make - but I have to remind myself that this is not for charity! There are also other constraints, like what others are charging for similar stuff, and sometimes it all gets too hard to think about. Blimey, business is complicated.

Remy and I are off to Nelson to visit his great grandparents the day after Craft2.0 - can't wait! Nana is cleaning out her fabric stash at the moment, and we have similar taste when it comes to fabric, so I might get lucky. Fingers crossed!

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