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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Every cloud and all that.

I've not been very well these past few days. It's been a great chance to lie down and catch up on sleep. That, and I've finally done a bit more on this.

Remy's gone to stay at the farm with my parents. I've only had two texts so far. The first asked when in god's good name would the child have his daytime nap because my mother needed a break; and the second asked when the hell he would wake up because the puppy was bored and needed Remy to entertain him.

So, yes, I think I can conclude that all's well at the farm.

I'm working on getting better and will report back to y'all on what else has been happening in the van Rose household.


Look Left Karen said...

Must be a bun in the oven!

Heart Felt said...

Just what I was thinking too! Patter of little feet once again? xx

Megan Rose said...

Unfortunately not! But I promise the internet will be the first to know when the next van Rose baby is on its way...