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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Small things that totally got my goat today

1. Our fire is pouring smoke into the kitchen and lounge, the bathroom floor is still just exposed wood (because the lino was ripped out), the fridge door is broken and the dishwasher is a nightmare to use - all of this because our landlord is one lazy SOB that likes taking the rent money but not taking care of the property.

2. There are people who insist on asking me when I am going to have another child.

3. In terms of levels of annoyance, they are followed closely by people who ask me if I'm pregnant.

4. There is someone in our house who eats all the good chocolates from the selection box. His name starts with J and ends with ULES.

(No actual goats were harmed in the making of this post).


a camera in the world said...

so, when are you going to have another baby, and are you pregnant?

What I get lately is, "but what do you do for a job?" after saying I am an artist after being asked "what do you do for a job?"

Look Left Karen said...

ha ha the pregnancy question....
Yes I know it well too.
It's not enough to have hefted 1 child out of one's uterus...surely there must be another on the way...

Mr London Street said...

No. 3 is especially rude!