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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The day my carpet regretted

Painting these postcards with Remy was ... an experience? a disaster? a lesson?

He spent most of the time eating the paint (it was non-toxic, but still), and telling me "don't!", whenever I said that the paint was for the paper, not his mouth.

I like the cards, and doing arty crafty stuff together is great fun, but man it was hard and messy work. We won't be attempting this again for a while!


robinthebruce said...

i think its great art work don,t give up,rolf harris jr..

Lucila said...

Aunty Lu would love one for her unadorned office walls!

Mel or Phil said...

Nice work! Hey i'm passing through Oamaru either Fri or Sat next week en route back to Dunners - are you available for a coffee/meet the babies? - Mel

Megan Rose said...

Mel - I'd love to meet up! I'm trying to find your email address too but hopefully you'll find this message.

Mel or Phil said...

Megan - go to my blogger profile page and place your cursor over 'email' my address should come up on the lower left hand corner of the screen - if not i've sent you an email so check your trash if you don't get it :). Will be in Oamaru around 2pm Friday and am meeting a friend quickly who is rushing off to the airport so should be free from 2.30pm :)