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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifting through life

I had a magical thrifting day last week.

There are some things that make my heart skip a beat in a thrift store - Enid Gilchrist books are one of those things. There is nothing this woman doesn't know about sewing, and practically nothing she isn't prepared to say about style (in quite a cranky tone. How I love her).

And another handy book on technique:

Because I use vintage patterns almost exclusivly, I need books like this to explain some of the steps that are missing on the pattern's instructions. Everyone used to sew, which means that pattern makers didn't have to write down every step. People like me need EVERY step. EVERY step.

I pick up a board game for my darling (practically-just-get-married-already) sister-in-law's birthday:

And the reason I get up in the morning to thrift - a beautiful, immaculate typewriter for an unspeakably good price.

I've wanted a typewriter for a very long time. My great Grandmother used to type her letters which I always thought was the height of sophistication. I love real mail, I love love love it, so I send a lot of it. Now I'm going to type it. Just as soon as I get a company to start making again the ribbons I need...


Anonymous said...

Love that typewriter! I want one too.

Lucila said...

And I love the game "Tell Me" - it is so simple and yet such fun! The question is, when are you coming over to play? Your darling sister-in-law x

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

hi there - from one 'frou frou' blog to another!!

Megan Rose said...

I have wanted one of these FOREVER! Good lick finding one too Ann.

Hello lovely Lucilla! I didn't know you passed by this way. What a wonderful surprise.

Hello Mademoiselle Frou-Frou. What a fabulous name! Wish I'd been smart enough to think of the name myself... and thanks for visiting my blog.

Tracy said...

I love the Enid.