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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why yes, I will sign that for you.

Thank-you, thank-you, thanks, ok, really, that's enough now.

Jules, Remy and I are enjoying our 15 seconds of fame after having a photo opportunity with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to celebrate the 500,000th person joining KiwiSaver.

It was on the telly (apparently - we haven't seen it because we don't have TV but we're hoping the gramps have taped it for us), and here is an article I was emailed by Steph from Lovestitches. I cannot get over the number of mistakes in it. For starters, my surname is Rose and Remy's not even 8 months old yet, and don't even get me started on the complete lack of fawning over Remy's cuteness.

Here's a Scoop article with photos; I was obviously so smitten with Helen Clark that I couldn't bring myself to smile at Scoop's photographer.

It was a big day for the little guy. He went to sleep at the award-winningly early time of 5pm and he's still out for the count. Thanks Labour!


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Totally famous!

Wooo on the photo shoot.

Good cake??

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, and good article, on pg 2 of the Dompost too!

Martha Craig said...


And cute family.

Mel or Phil said...

Yay for the great photo op, and yay for someone supporting labour instead of moaning about them...:) - btw good luck for the move south! If you're keen on taking a drive even further south once settled, you should check out Trash Converters in Palmerston (SERIOUSLY)