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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crafty goodness of the 2.0 kind

I've been sewing up a storm these past couple of days, all in preparation for Craft2.0 this Saturday.

Remember this material? Well, this is what it turned into. I originally wanted to match the fabric so there was one continuous pattern, but, duh, there are curved seams all through the jacket so that wasn't going to happen. I settled for a mirrored pattern on the hood, centering the pattern on the back inner, and matching the pattern on the inside fronts.




I was lucky Jules interveened with the next jacket. I had planned to use another, but thinner, stretch cotton in pink on the inside. Jules pointed out that the inner fabric made the outer fabric look cheap (and, damnit, he was right), so I swapped it for some double sided stretch - pink with tiny brown spots on one side and plain brown on the other. The resulting jacket is super soft and the perfect weight for winter.



You might be able to see the pattern matching on this one. No? I'll show you (because I am so blerdy pleased with myself about how this worked out!):


See it? The pattern on the pocket 'blends' with the pattern on the jacket!


And I got pretty close at the sleeves too!


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff!! I can't wait for the weekend. I didn't enjoy selling that much, I'm all about the crafty buying at fairs!

Martha Craig said...

I know babies are great and everything, but why not make these gorgeous jackets in my size? I'd wear both of them happily. Down with babies!

tash* said...

freaking awesome pattern matching! Can never seem to get my head round that...can't wait for craft 2.0!

Anonymous said...

Wow Megan! They are beautiful! Well done on the matching, you must be a perfectionist, they look wonderful! Jannelle / Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

bettyninja said...

Oh these are so precious! Really really sharp and cute. I love all the little details.