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Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's next?


Another ricey (as I've taken to calling them) for a darling little babykins called Olivia.

And I promise I will fill you in on the story behind the move and what we're planning but not just yet. I only realised today how deadly frightened I am to leave Wellington after 11 years - my entire 20s in fact. Not that my 20s have last 11 years but ... oh, you know what I mean.

Part of me is very worried about 'failing' and having to come back. I can't figure out exactly how I can fail at moving - surely I just like it or I don't? - and I don't know why returning would be a punishment...

Anyhoo, I'll keep pondering and get back to you.
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Lidian said...

I've had some moves a little like that - cross-country and then back, US to Canada, Canada to US. It is really stressful but you WILL settle in, I promise - and then you can't remember what the old place was like to live in. I mean, you can but it doesn't seem so real anymore...

But of course, you know all that. I'll be thinking of you - BTW I am a New Yorker living in Ontario, familiar with the a home/not at home feelings!

Cheers, Lidian

bettyninja said...

That is quite a distance to move. I am sure you will be fine, but I can understand your fears. I get worried just moving two towns over.

I like the little details on your ricey/

Anonymous said...

It sounds like an exciting adventure!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OK.. that last message was helped along by Jetson cutting and pasting from an email.. (whichi s probably an indication that I should be parenting not stalking on blogs!) so yeh, it doesnt make any sense at all!!! if there is an option to not publish it that would be great!! hopefully it will make SOME sense.. basically it was saying that there are so many good bits about the South, and to drop me a line if you wanna talk about it...(we lived thee for 3 years and had our abbies there) oh and the bit about Stu was for you too : )
my email is appleinfo@ihug.co.nz

talk soon!
Apple of my eye