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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New things to be getting on with

While I dearly love the jackets I make, and while I plan to make many more, it's time to mix things up a little.

Remy wears cloth nappies and it's been a total pain finding trousers for him that fit properly. Often I have to buy them much too large to fit over his bum and it means that the legs are waaaaay too long, even for my taller-than-average boy.

Last night I drafted a pattern for some little trousers especially for the babes who wear cloth nappies. I've whipped up a pair in bright blue with small black spots*, and I'm just waiting for Remy to get home from his morning constitutional to try them on for fit.

If they look ok, I'm going to call for volunteers to test a pair of them for me. Interested? Just watch this space for further updates!

And, who knows, this might be a way for me to have something perfect to sell at the next Craft2.0, fingers crossed and all that.

*A big thanks once again to my wonderful Aunty Karen for giving me a whole pile of wicked materials! You rock!


Riverlands Room 2 said...

Great to know the knits came into good use. Looking forward to seeing a pic of the wee man in his new pants.
Nana has been here this weekend celebrating her 75th birthday.She had her first experience of using a laptop and had a wee read of your blog.Had to rescue her a few times when she wandered from your page.

Anonymous said...

If I had a baby I would definitely buy some of those pants. And I'm so clucky I'm almost wondering if I could get away with it without Dave knowing. Almost lol.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea Megan, I think they would be a hit! Jannelle / Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com