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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Craft2.0 is over

Craft2.0 was a blast. A few notes to myself for next time though:

1. Don't attempt 'one last thing' at the last minute. And in this 'one last thing' don't try to use three techniques that you have never attempted before and have only read about in books and/or on the internet.

2. Figure out how to get to the place prior to the morning you need to be there. That will avoid walking, missing trains, catching trains, more walking, asking directions from people who don't know where the local gallery is, and getting to your table 45 minutes late. But, you know, it's just a hint.

3. Practice laying out the clothes a few days before and think hard about what the display will look like. A pile of clothes on a table has more than a hint of a garage sale about it.

4. Have confidence in your product so that you don't sound like a dribbling fool when someone thinks you're clever for making what you do.

5. Remember to take photos because the whole thing will be over in no time at all.

6. Remember that the nice people will outweigh the arses at a ratio of 10:1. But also remember that you can respond to the arses in the same manner that they treat you instead of swallowing it down and giving them your best customer service smile. They probably won't buy your stuff, and you won't want to sell it to them anyway.

7. Get proper business cards sorted. There will probably be more after market sales than sales at the market*.

My favourite thing by far was chatting with all the peeps. Even though I don't think my jackets are made for markets (probably just shops and by commission), I wish I had something else to sell because I totally loved talking to potential customers. And it was strangely rewarding to see kids trying on my clothes.

Parenthetically, I picked up a wicked tip on how to do buttonholes after telling a woman about bursting into tears when I ruined a jacket I was in love with via a buttonhole made with a seam ripper... gosh, it still pains me to think about it. But the tip was so great that it will stop me from ever making the same mistake again. Thank you kind lady, wherever you may be.

*Let's pray that this is true and not just one of those things I've made up in my head to make myself feel better; you see, I didn't sell a single thing on the day. But having a goal of just selling one thing totally paid off - now I can comfort myself with the fact that I was only one sale off my target.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was quite a day! I was nearly brave enough to come down with the two kids on my own, but thought better of it. I just love your jackets! Jannelle / Heart Felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I had to miss it, we were too busy. I sold at the last one and only sold a few things but for me it was the advice and networking that was way more memorable than the selling. I came away so inspired. Good on ya for for doing it, it's harder than it looks!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Wooooooo Megan! Sounds like you had fun.

BTW - laughed and laughed at your post. Comic genius.