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Friday, May 22, 2009

Treasure hunting

It's been a great week thrifty treasures wise. (But no photos just yet I'm afraid; I've left it too late tonight but maybe in the next few days).

I struck scarf heaven at the St. Vincent de Paul's. Some woman must have been having a jolly good clean out*, and that woman had jolly good taste.

I also got the cutest, hand knitted jumper. Definately photos of that to follow because I just know you'll be impressed by it.

And I picked up a couple of Agatha Christie's in a sweet wee shop in Dunedin. We had to drive through snow to get to Dunedin (note to self - check the weather forecast first next time), so I'm extra pleased I got them.

And that's all folks! I really have have have to go to bed.

*I refuse to believe that she died. A woman with scarves like her scarves should be immortal.

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