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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I love pop culture. And the term 'pop culture' helps me feel like I'm not just wasting my life away in front of the telly. Rather, I am expanding my knowledge in an important sociological area.

Or something like that.

And so I also like to read about pop culture. One of my all-time favourite sites is MamaPop - a pop culture blog for mamas.

They have expanded my horizons. What would my life have been without Joss Weldon's Dollhouse? Or True Blood, which has our very own darling Anna Paquin as the star. (BTW - and I'm confident this will be the millionth time I've told you this - I held Anna's Oscar. It was heavy).

And now they've introduced me to Amanda Palmer. Man, this woman ROCKS. Check her out for yourself:

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Lucila said...

You've never told me about holding Anna's Oscar! How did that happen? Did I ever tell you that we shared the same desk at High School? It was her form class desk, and my English desk. I always felt that some of her talent had to have rubbed off on me...