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Monday, May 18, 2009

Mmmmm, books


I love and adore Agatha Christie books. And I love and adore Slightly Foxed, a wonderful secondhand book store in the Victorian Precinct (what was once known as the Old Part of Town).

I've found some wonderful AC treasures there of late... but it's never enough. I can never find enough time to clean the fridge, but I can finish one of these books in a matter hours once I've started reading.

Any chance you, my dear reader, would be willing to swap some Agatha Christie's for, perhaps, some vintage aprons? Or vintage scarves? Or maybe you'd like me to keep a look out for a certain little retro something for your collection?
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sas said...

About 10 years ago my Mum & I drove up to the Mill House for a weekend away. We spent a few glorious hours in Slightly Foxed. Thank you for bringing back a lovely memory!

I will keep an eye out for vintage christie's for you. There are some absolutely FAB second hand book shops around Charing Cross :)