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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time flies

One year ago today we moved to Otago. We packed up our lives in a city of a couple of hundred thousand people, and moved to a town that has barely ten thousand.

Blimey. What a shock it was.

But now it's ok, good even. I feel like I'm part of a community, even more so than I did in Wellington. I've met some fabulous people and only a small scattering of, ahem, total arseholes.

There are still things that I'm having trouble adjusting to like the overwhelming whiteness of the population, and the ease with which some people feel able to spout racist crap. And the fact that the main street is wide enough for there to be car parks down the centre. And the sheer generousity and kindness of the people. It can be disarming at times.

Life's good here.

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sas said...

My 'move to a small town and be part of the community' fantasy involves Stars Hollow. Which would be lovely an not racist at all. But full of quirky eccentric folk who are also quite bright and interesting, with vibrant back sotries. Also, entirely fictional.