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Thursday, October 2, 2008

You drive a hard bargain

Good god you lot are a difficult, and may I say very cynical, audience. Since my announcement that I am going to attempt my first ever post-once-a-day-for-a-month, I've been met with laughter and outright disbelief. Responses include: are you going to post a whole bunch of links to Project Runway?; are you only asking me to do a guest post because you can't manage a whole month of posting yourself?; and, aren't you too bloody lazy to follow through?*

All I can say is I know some of you are attempting Sober October. Let me know how that works out won't you?

*For the record, the answers are: yes; yes; and yes quite probably.


nova_j said...

hey there's nout wrong with project runway! ;)

tash* said...

the rules for sober october (in case you're very concerned)
1. Each participant must report the number of glasses drunk each day to the judge
2. The participant who has drunk the least wins the prize pool, and must shout all the other participants a round of drinks on Friday 31st.
The winner gets to keep whatever cash is left after the round is bought. There are a couple buy-out clauses - one can purchase ONE sober evening in advance so that they can drink as much as they want and it won't count towards their total.
I keep being told that i'm going to win, but with the way work is at the moment, i'm guaranteed to lose! But it's all in order to save our livers, which got a hiding last month...