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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Break in transmission

Um, I can't get my camera to work. Damn! I have photos of the bunny rabbits WITH heads on. Hopefully it'll be fully functional tomorrow.

It was another booming day in the shop. God I'm having such fun there. I am a little worried that I will come out of four weeks of full-time work with NO money though... I want to buy everything in the shop myself. Every single thing. Actually, funny story, a woman was in the shop looking for a gift for a newborn and I was showing her different options. After about 5 minutes of showing her absolutely every single thing (she was hard to please), she looked at me and said 'you're very excited about this'. Hahahaha! Yes, I am very excited by super cute teeny tiny baby things. Thanks for noticing. Now buy something very expensive and really make my day.

Talking of exciting things, follow this link to see my darling partner Jules on telly this morning. He's the one in the black t-shirt printed with what could be mistaken for green breasts, but what is actually two wine glasses.

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