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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fancy artsy behaviour

(I'm going to skip over the fact that my last post was written while I was, ahem, under the influence, and I'll also avoid mentioning that I didn't post yesterday because of a BIG, DISGUSTING, REVOLTING, UGHHHHH RAT*, and I'll get on with posting about fun stuff).

Sometimes I feel very lucky to live here in Oamaru; I have opportunities here that I could never have in the city. I've started doing some voluntary work at Forrester Gallery. It's such great fun. The building is amazing and the staff are my kind of people. I feel understood by them. I joked the other day about being a pinky, liberal, latte-sipping, chardonnay-drinking leftie and they laughed. Around here, that sort of comment would usually be reason to get out the raging mob with pitchforks. Maybe I exaggerate a little. I don't actually like chardonnay.

*A real rat, not the lothario kind. By the way, I have PTSD from seeing that effing rat. It was the size of a hamster. Ugh.

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