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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Warning: Dismemberment may offend more sensitive readers


I'm taking total advantage of my grandparents this week while they visit. Grandad has been on gardening duties (photos to follow because the work he has done has to be seen to be believed - this man doesn't just have green fingers; he has MAGIC fingers), and Nana has been on sewing detail.

Aaaaaaages ago, I picked up two lots of pure wool fabric from one of the local op shops but, true to form, had no idea what I was going to do with them. Then I found a cute, cute, cute patten for a toy rabbit. Never having made a toy, I was pleased when I got most of the way through two of them by myself, but I stumbled when it came to stuffing them and putting them together.

Nana is a wizz at this sort of thing so, hopefully, these poor little dismembered rabbits will be whole rabbits in no time at all.


Nikki said...

Soft toys are haaaaaaaaaaard. I mistakenly thought they'd be easy peasy to sew!

Heart Felt said...

Never tried myself.....funny enough they already look quite cute! xx