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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Necessity is the mother of invention


Our washing machine broke down. Because we live in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, the new parts it needed took forever to get here, so I had to get crafty. I churned out little pants (great opportunity to test my newly drafted pattern), and this jacket. I've made, oh, one billion of these, but because I never make the same one twice, they're always a satisfying wee project. This one is made from two layers of good ol' cotton knit that was very generously donated to me by my Aunty Karen. Now that we have a functioning washing machine again*, it has washed really well, plus it looks super comfortable.

*Our washing machine works now because we shelled out $1000 for a new one. Turns out the guy trying fix our old one couldn't fix it, even with new parts. He was kind enough to take long enough for ALL MY LIFE to pass, and $200, before telling us though.

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Riverlands Room 2 said...

So glad to see that some of that fabric has come in handy.It was just sitting around filling up space at my house. You would have got more when we cleared out the roof during the installation of our new HRV but when I opened the bags I could see all the lovely things I could make for my future grandchildren, so back into the roof it went!!!!
What a handsome great nephew I have.
Love Karen ( sometimes known as Aunty!!)