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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm sick of putting 'frou frou' into the titles of my posts. Will anyone notice if I stop?

Yay for thrift store adventures!

Generally, I've only found utter crap it this particular shop, and it seems to be frequented by men in long, heavy woolen trench coats (this is in the middle of summer by the way), but today I found these:

Four soup bowls. I dream about turning up to Antiques Roadshow with them, and finding out they're worth a squillion dollars and saying, 'oh, the value doesn't matter. I'll never sell them. You see, my cat just loves having his biscuits from them'.


bettyninja said...

Oh that makes me laugh out lod about the antiques road show. whenever I watch that show I always say to my boyfriend--all we need is one thing-just one thing worth that much. We always complain about the people who say they will never sell it. We try to guess who is a seller vs. non-seller before they tell us.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Oh hilarious!

And well done on the soup bowls. They are GORGEOUS!

My lovely Mum told me the other day that she had bought some gorgeous pottery bowls for me from a thrift store, but that she was just "borrowing" them at the moment. I don't hold out hope of EVER owning them.

P.S. You can totally stop using the 'frou frou' thing. I struggle for post titles even without the added challenge of using 'frou frou'!

Anonymous said...

LOL too funny. You know they rush home and frantically try to sell their stuff.