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Thursday, February 21, 2008

100 posts! Oh the excitement!

Well folks, this is my 100th post. It doesn't seem to have taken me long to get here, but then I start to think about how wee Remy was when I started this blog and then I start thinking that time goes by so fast and I really can't keep up anymore.

To celebrate 100, I have three smallish pieces of vintage fabric to give away (I think they're a bit bigger than a fat quarter). And this is what they look like:

All rosy goodness.

Just leave a comment with 'Yes please', Remy will pick three lucky comments and then I'll pop them in the post. Easy.

Come on lurkers! You know you want to!

And to the lovely friends who have wanted to post but got all flustered when asked to login, I've changed the comments so you can post anonymously.


Anonymous said...

Yes please! Happy blogiversary :-)

styler said...

yes please

i think i will if i win make some delightful badges from the fabric

bettyninja said...

ooohhh you are up to 100 already? Congrats!!!! I am gaining on you (i think I am in the 60's)

Anonymous said...

OHHHHH.... Yes please Remy!!!!! Congratulations on mummys 100th post!!!! Jannelle / Heart felt / www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

Anonymous said...

Oh yes please!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Just to let ya know I'm lurking. ;)

tash* said...

congrats on the 100th post...am a tad late for 'yes please!' no?