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Monday, February 4, 2008

Frou frou comes in different forms; being stalked by Nikki is one of them

I've been fortunate to be stalked by the wonderfully entertaining Nikki. Ahhh, such good times over lunch at the Matterhorn. And it was a lovely reprieve from my sleepless haze.

I even got to check out her latest batch of knitting - gorgeous! And we agreed that even though I want to steal the lovely Hannah to play dress-ups and tea parties, I won't.

I popped into the best fabric shop in Welly on my way home and picked up some stunners (spending twice my fabric budget; oops, but I blame it all on Remy!).

This is silk. Rather Hundertwasser, yes?

This is some crazy velvety something with a border print. I've started cutting this one for a little winter jacket. I've got some black and white silk for the lining.

I know I'm a more is more kinda girl but this one is, um, 'more' even for me. At least the colours are restrained. I'm thinking girls' dresses, possibly with sashes. Hahaha! Like that? One minute I'm saying the fabric is too much; the next I'm making dresses with SASHES, because, obviously, sashes are never too much.

This one will be the lining for another hoodie, this time a winter one with a black cashmere outer. Yum!


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ooo and I almost bought that last one too!! ;)

More dopplegangery business.

Anonymous said...

RED SASH!!!!!!

Heart Felt


Megan Rose said...

Nikki - and I have that same Zambesi one of yours!

Jannelle - Yes! Good call.