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Monday, December 10, 2007

Water, water, frou frou, frou frou

This is rainbow country.

Driving around last night (looking at pretty houses for sale), there were irrigators as far as the eye could see. Little ones, enormous ones, ones that popped out of the ground... such variety. One thing they all had in common was the rainbows they produced. It was an odd mix of industrial and frou frou.

The houses we visited were utterly divine. Coming from Wellington where shacks in the city sell for half a million dollars, it was great to see beautiful old villas lovingly renovated with expansive sections and gardens for half the price of a Wellington shack. I can't wait for my lovely Jules to come and check them out.

Speaking of my lovely Jules, he makes an appearance in this month's Cuisine magazine. It's a great article where people say lovely things about him. I'm bursting with pride! Page 128 if you'd like to check him out.

Mum and I are off to the super Secret Second Hand Shop today. I'm on the lookout for material, buttons and other assorted frou frou today. I'm very, very excited. I might even post photos of the shop as long as none reveal the location!

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Martha Craig said...

Wicked, I hadn't even noticed Jules was in the Cuisine, mainly because I've been too flat out to read it. It is a fabulous article.