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Friday, December 7, 2007

Cunning frou frou

I've figured out the system in only 2 days - wait until late at night or the crack of dawn and then the internet connection runs at the normal speed of dial-up. Only 17.52 minutes for me to get here. That's quite a savings.

Mum and I sewed little V's dress for a couple of hours today. She helped me with the closing at the back - I've been struggling to work out how to finish it neatly and she had the perfect solution. Not long now until the dress will be completely finished. There's a fair bit of hand sewing to be done but I really feel like I'm on the home straight. The next photos here will be when it's finished - how exciting!

Remy patted his first calf and had his hands licked by Sydney, the farm dog. He promptly put his hands into his mouth, probably to check they were still there (they were). We walked in the paddock with the cows and bulls and survived, even though one of the very, very big bulls gave us a funny look and dug at the ground. We ate green beans while standing in the vege patch and then we hid the almost ripe strawberries from the birds (and mum). Remy ate banana for the first time. We swam in the bath. It was a big day.

Somehow there's been a pile up of eggs from mum's chooks - there are 36 eggs sitting in the basket in the kitchen. Tomorrow we're making my Christmas cake (10 eggs), a sponge cake (10 eggs), and we're having scrambled eggs for lunch. I'm sure the Heart Foundation will be covering its ears and rocking when reading this. I, on the other hand, can't wait!

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