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Monday, December 3, 2007

Frou frou sobers up

Crikey, there is nothing like vintage patterns to make a girl regret everything she's eaten in the last five years.

I've measured myself for the frocks I'd like to make over Christmas (my prize for getting all this work done) and the smallest size I fit, according to a fifty-something year old pattern, is, ahem, 18. Where oh where were all the good kiwi gals like I know with hips, bums and boobs back then?

Ah, who cares 'cos the frocks are going to rock.

I've chosen this one to start:

Pretty sure this should do to mince around the house doing the cleaning. That's what happened in the 50s, right?

It takes 4 metres of fabric (eek!) and I'm thinking about doing the skirt with two layers. I've found a divine Marc Jacobs cotton - white pattern on a white background - and I'm thinking I might try and find a duck egg blue to go underneath...

Just looking at the scant instructions convinces me that this is going to be quite a challenge - and I'm totally up for it! Just 14 days, one dress, one suit and a few blerdy hoodies until I can start.

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bettyninja said...

I am huge in vintage patterns too! It is so disheartening. Even in the newer patterns my size is much bigger than my store size. From what I've read we have the retail people to thank for that.