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Friday, June 26, 2009

Thanks youse fullas

Another week, another hospital trip. Yawn.

I think I'm in the 'meh, over it' stage of the post-nearly-dying process. But this time at least I was only there for three days.

Anywho, now I'm trying to get back to our normal lives. This week Remy has gone to home daycare on his usual days and Jules has gone to work. I've been trying to keep things pretty low-key and have a sleep most days. Friends have been amazing - they have been ready to take Remy for a few hours, and even to vacuum my house. Outstanding.

And I'm getting there with my replies to the amazing comments, emails and gifts I have recieved from you wonderful internet people. You guys ROCK.

[Edited to add: hahahaha! I've just realised that I wrote this with the assumption that I am not going to get sick again. Take that body and your stupid internal bleeding! No more getting sick because I've told everyone that we're back to normal now].


speckled egg said...

Glad you are feeling better. Take care xx

Heart Felt said...

Keep good care of yourself....enjoy that boy of yours too! xx

Mel Archer said...

Hi there, hope you are feeling better. Drop me a line if you have to come through to Dunedin Hospital (hopefully not) - especially if you need someone to bring you a decent (ie not Muffin Break) coffee and have a chat :) xox

Azlemed said...

Sorry I didnt read any of this earlier... I had very similar happen in Feb, it was devestating and really hard to work through.. I am in Oamaru from next thursday for the week if you want to do coffee....