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Saturday, June 20, 2009

5ives: The Hospital Edition

1. My first words to the surgeon who saved my life: "I like you".

2. FECAL ODOUR ELIMINATOR anyone? It's magic the way that it changes the molecular structure of urine and fecal scents. Picturesque, oui?

3. I had time to do Sudoku in hospital. Lots of Sudoku. About 31 puzzles. And I had time to learn that I suck at Sudoku. About 31 times.

4. The week before The Big Stay In Hospital, I found a darling little bed jacket in a local thrift store. I'd never seen a bed jacket in real life and fell head-over-heals in love with this one. I needed the perfect opportunity to wear it. I dreamed of coming down with something like TB (not actually TB because yes, it's romantic in stories, but romantic in real life? Definitely not). I pictured myself sitting in bed, frail yet luminous, reading my Agatha Christie novels and totally looking the part with the cutest little bed jacket ever.

But then real life came along and kicked that dream's butt. I went straight from the Doctor's to hospital. I didn't pass Go and I couldn't pick up my bed jacket.

5. Amount of weight lost during all of this? 3 kilos. Yuuuuusss.


Amy said...

oh darn, can you post a pic of your bed jacket? I see them quite a bit on trademe but unfortunately wayyy overpriced. oh btw I have no idea how to do sudoku either.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you have been through a lot. I want to thank you for sharing your experience. I have spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals and your stories sound familiar. Continue being brave.

Melissa said...

Hi Megan, I irregularly drop by to see how things are going and you always make me smile or laugh out loud. Well yesterday you had my sobbing over the keyboard. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am off to hospital this morning, and while not as dramatic as your escapade, it will have the same outcome. No Christmas baby for us either. He (I am sure he was a he) stopped developing at 8 weeks, 3.5 weeks ago - but decided to stay where he was. Off to get a clean out. I'll be thinking of you all too. M

natalie said...

hey sweety,
i think you need to get sudoku lessons from Nana Carol... she's the master!!
love you xoxo