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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10: things I'd like to know the answer to but can't be bothered researching

1. Does hair grow faster in summertime? Specifically, I'd like to know if leg hair grows faster in summer.
2. How could I have gone so long before discovering SEXY PEOPLE? (Thanks Small Town Stories).
3. Will watching the E! Channel erode my IQ?
4. Does lipstick go off? If not, why does the Dior lipstick I bought about, um, 4 years ago smell funny all of a sudden?
5. Are there really no sex workers in Oamaru?
6. What is the best answer to give when someone tells me to "Smile! It's not that bad"?
7. Was the telly programme Dead Like Me cancelled?
8. Why does my voice sound different in my head than out loud?
9. What should I do when someone I don't like or don't know asks to be my friend on Facebook?
10. Who is stealing all my broadband allowance? Surely 10 mega-pixel-giga-hertz of broadband per month can't run out as quickly as it does in my house without something dodgy going on.


lovestitches said...

10 gigs goes nowhere and Dead Like Me was reworked but we never got those episodes which may be a good or bad thing.

speckled egg said...

Very good questions. Yes, lipstick does go off. And yes, there MUST be some sex workers in Oamaru surely?

Min said...

When someone invites you to facebook you can decline and they won't know - they don't get told - it just looks like you haven't noticed and responded. I do it often!

And your voice does sound different, it sound higher to other people.

tomandemma said...

#2 - thanks for the plug and I KNOW! It's addictive. #5 Bet there are and they're probably the people you least expect. #9 either ignore the request or my favourite, delete them later! They never know...