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Sunday, January 25, 2009

10: The Remy edition

This week Remy:

1. ate, then pooed, charcoal. Yum.

2. said 'ouch' every time I cut one of his toenails or fingernails. There were a lot of ouches.

3. went to bed at 9.30pm three nights in a row.

4. spent the day naked three days in a row.

5. started throwing himself in and out of the bath.

6. danced. A lot.

7. watered the garden. And himself.

8. ran outside to pee twice.

9. discovered the ice cream in the freezer (at least it's an improvement from gnawing on frozen mince).

10. Came to visit me at work for a few minutes. In that time, he almost flooded the executive office. Oops.


speckled egg said...

Remy is a cute name. My children achieved some of the same feats last week also!

sas said...

Remy has the best life.