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Friday, January 9, 2009

Hold the phones people, she got off the couch

This time I can honestly say that there has been no news because I HAVE BEEN DOING STUFF PEOPLE. That's right, STUFF.

I'm about half-way through a little 50s dress that I plan on wearing to the hen's night I'm going to next Wednesday. I'm cautiously optimistic that it will work out. It has a cute, fitted bodice, quite wide straps, and a full skirt with box pleats. I'm using black and white striped fabric that my darling Aunty Karen gave me.

You may be asking why am I wasting all your precious time and ruining your eyes by filling this page with words when I could just post a photo and be done. It's because the broadband has run out. Again.

Maybe I'm paranoid but I think one of our neighbours is stealing it, and even paranoid people are right sometimes you know.

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