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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sew/Sow: day number something or other

I've started on the piece of embroidery that I like to refer to as The Manic Bird. And here is a photo, TA DA:

I've used satin stitch for the green leaves, and on the blue ones I've used a little-known stitch called Eeni Meenie Minee Mo Where the Hell Should the Next Stitch Go. It's based loosely on Long and Short Stitch which I'm (clearly) yet to master. I guess that's what all this practice is about though...

As a recovering perfectionist, I struggle with the business of learning. In my younger days if I couldn't do something perfectly the first time I tried it, I'd just give up. Now that I'm older and, well, just older really, I'm teaching myself to keep trying and to remember that practice is an important step, not a sign of failure.

This is one of the many things that's important to me that Remy does differently from me. And I know that I have to model this stuff for him.

You know, before Remy came along, I knew how influential I would be in his development but I never expected that he would be such a powerful force in developing me...

Where was I? That's right. Isn't this going to be pretty?


jasmine t said...

wow!! pretty!! i need to start crafting more, i find it such awinter hobby though!! Any who, thanks for comment, i have only seen a couple of episodes of ANTM!! try to watch it but never remember!

nova_j said...

ooo it's looking very pretty!