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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A guy only turns one once


Remy had a great birthday. He got some wonderful gifts and enjoyed being the centre of attention all day. Mum whipped him up a birthday pavlova, and the family enjoyed a huge dinner (Remy was sleeping by that time, and that seemed a pity, so I had two serves of pudding - one for me, one for him).


Something comes over me when setting the table at my mum's. I seem to go from finding a nice table cloth, to polishing the silver candleabras in about 10 minutes. This time it went from needing the damask tabecloth, to getting out the matching napkins, then there was the 67 year old Alfred Meakin dinner set, followed closely by the silver cutlery, the crystal water jug and matching cups plus the brand new Costa Boda wine glasses. The candleabras nearly didn't make it but then I found candles in the civil defense survival kit*.

So, the table was a little over-dressed for what was supposed to be a family dinner but I don't mind. I'm thinking of it as a trial run for Christmas.


*and this should be reason enough for all of us to get our emergency kits together. Why don't they put that on the ads?


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

And what child could say that they had a regally set dinner table for their first birthday? Only the Remy kid. Lucky guy.

Happy birthday Remy! And well done on surviving year one Jules and Megan. Very impressed.

Phil said...

Wow, is it really a year? The Big One. Happy Birthday Remy!

iRiS said...
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iRiS said...

sorry had to edit my post haaha spelling mistakes, dont you hate that first impressions count! ha!

ok to begin again

Hi I hope you dont mind me making a comment, I found your lovely blog through another blog & just had to comment on your sons beautiful name, its perfect!
Its also the name my sister has picked out for her son....when she ever gets around to having one that is hahahaa

happy birthday Remy!