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Monday, July 14, 2008

Thrifty Tuesday

I've been hot on the thrifty trail of late. This place is vintage heaven. I'm thinking about picking up a few things for sale but, uh, who knows. I'm having such fun indulging myself in frou frou clothes and tea cups that I think I'd have trouble switching on my commercial eye. Having said that, I'm thinking of putting a couple of the things I've pictured here on Trademe.

And here's some of what I've picked up recently:

A little 1950s purse. I'm not too worried about the missing chain, I could pick one up pretty easily. The beauty of this purse is that it is definitely 1950s and it's not often that I can be absolutely confident of the age of an item.

A Spode plate. I love it, love it, LOVE IT!

This is a funny wee plate that has a Golden Bay address on the back. It's lovely and crinkled; it reminds me of fabric.

I took a punt on Jules liking this fan, and it turns out that he doesn't. I thought it might look great up on the wall but he thinks it would look better if it wasn't in our house at all... so, it might go on Trademe or possibly be taken back to the op shop I bought it from.

This fabric originally made a curtain but I removed the tape at the top and the backing. It's in amazing condition - the colour is so bright - though it does have a little fading down one side. Not a big deal though because there is about 3 metres of the stuff. I think this is also destined for Trademe - it's not really my style and I don't have plan for it.


Heart Felt said...

Wow! Great finds, love the wee pink plate, and the purse is gorgeous! Ps regarding Charlie's Radio Flyer, it's a new repro, you can purchase them from general bike shops. They are very cool!

Look Left Karen said...

Oh I looove that fabric....send it to me and we'll circumnavigate trademe, lets face it their fees are a rip off anyway! How much do you want for it?
I eagerly await your reply and a scale photo so I can see how big the print/repeat is...oh go on! Postage to Auckland. K