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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I should do that at some stage

My darling friend Phil has a mostly-music blog called I Should Do That At Some Stage.

It's a delicious mix of reviews, cat photos (hi Indie!) and comments on life. He's the go-to man should you ever want to know anything about New Zealand music. Actually, he's the go-to man full-stop (trust me on this; I've been in a pub quiz team with him for about 4 years).

Best of all, he writes like the utter genius he is. Check out this opening comment on Paul Simon's Graceland:
I've always been fond of the title track to this classic album even though it penetrated easy listening radio more easily than Elvis's jaw penetrated a peanut butter, marshmallow and banana sandwich.



Phil said...

Aw shucks - you make me blush!

Those sammies really were Elvis's favourite food, in case it comes up somewhere...

Megan Rose said...

You know I'd never cheat on the Gambinos by joining another team. But I guess it could come up in conversation one day. Now, how to make that conversation happen...