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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One is the loneliest number

Whew! Our house has been full, full, full these past few days and it's been fantastic fun. We've had friends from Wellington to stay and new friends from Oamaru over for dinner and still more new Oamaru friends over for a playdate. Good times.

I'm an extreme extrovert (according to those pysch tests), so I get a lot of energy from being around other people. I'd been feeling a little lonely before our influx of visitors. I think I've been all mixed up with shifting house again, and our phone has been broken for at least a week. Even with Facebook, Twitter, my blog and email I've still missed catching up with friends by chatting on the phone. How on earth would I have survived 100 years ago?

Fingers crossed we'll have a new phone tomorrow morning, and then (hopefully!) I'll be feeling a bit more enthused about life.

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