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Monday, June 16, 2008

Thrifty Tuesday

I am loving the number of secondhand/junk/antique/thrift stores here in North Otago. Not only are the shops not as picked over as they are in the city, their overheads are much lower so the prices are much better too.

Jules' days off are usually Mondays and Tuesdays. We try and organise it so that I get some time away from Remy and Jules gets some time with him. I usually skip out the door with my weekly pocket money and head straight out to get myself some bargains.

Today I only had time to go to St Vincent de Paul and a place called Waitaki Traders. For some reason, it takes me foreveeeeeeeeeer to visit these stores. I like to look at everything and I seem to enter a little world where time slows down for me but seems to speed up in real life.

I'm pleased with my haul today. (Sorry about the crap photos - the light wasn't great tonight).

I got quite a haul of belts today. This leather one is very, very soft and worn - I like that it has history and that I'll be able to give it a new life.

A square silk scarf. I'm usually a more is more sort of girl so this is very restrained item for me.

I bought the salt and pepper shakers for Jules but they're not really to his taste (I think his exact words were "dear god, those are hideous"), so they're destined for another family member who I hope will like them.

The photo makes this look bigger than it is - it's actually quite a small dish, possibly a lolly dish, and it's an uneven oval shape.

Old glass bottles for pretty wild flowers in the summer time.

I love this clutch! It's leather with a silk lining and it's in perfect condition. Best of all, it cost 50 cents. SCORE!

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Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Oh dear. Still laughing at Jule's comment and your euphemistic take on it.

Sweet haul. Jealous.