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Saturday, June 28, 2008

10 things I miss about Wellington

10. The waterfront.

9. Being able to shop on the weekends if I fancy it. (Seriously, Oamaru is open from 10am-12 noon on a Saturday and THAT'S ALL.)

8. Nikau, Superfino, The Matterhorn, Revive, Aro Street Cafe, Sweet Mother's Kitchen... I could go on and on...

7. Buskers

6. Being able to buy lovely food treats from delightful shops like Shoc, Truffle, and Moore Wilson's.

5. Cuba Street.

4. City Art Gallery.

3. Wearing skirts and dresses without people looking at me like I'm strange.

2. Being in a profession where there are so few people available, that employers want me. BADLY. Here, I'm not much use to anyone with all my book learning.

1. People, people, people.

1 comment:

Heart Felt said...

Poor Megan, a little homesick? Should of moved up to the Wairarapa instead, just a car ride and you would be back in the Big Smoke! :( xxx