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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jilly and I are having the most splendid time Mummy.

If I could be anyone in the world, I'd be Agatha Christie. Not as she is now; when she was alive. Or I'd be a character in one of her books.

She knows people:
...the big entrance lounge was the favourite place for the afternoon tea drinking. The elderly ladies enjoyed seeing who came in and out, recognising old friends, and commenting unfavourably on how these had aged.

She knows the social etiquette of the upper classes and she knows fashion. Her stories are set in my kinda era. She's my kinda lady!

Anyway, I have landed in Agatha Christie heaven. I have found the motherlode of Agatha Christie books in a junk store. Of course, I'll never reveal my source but you can be reassured that there will be many, many visits to replenish the well.

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C. said...

I love her books too! Mine are all thrifted as well. Enjoy.