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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I heart Oamaru: reason number 1

The price of a haircut here is astonishing.

I paid $90 for my last cut in Wellington; today I paid $28. It was so cheap it was as if they were paying me to have my hair done.


Mel or Phil said...

Gosh at that price, I could drive up from Dunners and still pay less than I pay here! (I presume you were quite happy with the cut ;) )
BTW if you are heading down this way drop me a line if you'd be keen to meet up for coffee...

Mel or Phil said...

PS we're going with Rickshaw - thanks for the advice!

Megan Rose said...

Yes, I'm happy with the cut. I've got to say that I was skeptical at first - it seemed way to good to be true.

Funny you mention Rickshaw - I picked up the colour chart with that colour on it this morning.